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How to Take Care of Your Candle

We want you to enjoy your candle and prolong its life. To do this there are a few easy things that you can do.

  1. Never leave a burning candle unattended. You would be amazed at how many fires occur because of this. There is always a chance a pet will knock the candle over or a slight draft will drag something else into the flame. Safety first!

  2. Cap your candle burning time at 4 hours this prevents any container getting too hot. I guess this is your second safety tip!

  3. When you first light your candle don't just burn it for a few minutes. Allow the candle to burn until a pool of wax has formed from rim to rim. The reason is that on the next burn the candle will struggle to go beyond the circumference of the previous burn and just tunnel down the candle. This will increase the life of the candle.

  4. Keep the wick trimmed and straight. This allows a clean even flame to occur each time you light your candle. i know you know, but only do this once the candle has cooled down.

  5. If you have reached the bottom of the wine bottle don't say goodbye. Pour a bit of boiling water into your glass, which will soften the was making it easy to remove the wax and then give our container its third life. Plant a succulent, store paperclips, grow rosemary cuttings in water, the list of third lives is only limited by your imagination. We also use our lids as coaster and any remaining wax can be used as melts. At this point we hope you will return for a second visit.

Keep everything important to you safe and remember Safety first.”

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