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Reuse the Glass Container

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Image by James Cousins

There are so many uses for these candle containers:  

  • Herb pots: Rosemary cuttings, 

  • Flowers: Fill the glass with water. Cut some flowers, trim them to length and drop them in.

  • Containers for Home:  Writing supplies, paint brushes. 

  • Containers for Work:  Paperclips

  • Make-up: Perfect for brushes or lipsticks.


When your candle has 2.5 cms of wax left, remembering the bottom of the candle is a dome, so you will be unable to burn the candle to the base of the container, it's a good time to consider how you are going to repurpose the container.  Not burning that last bit of wax is recommended by all candle-makers as a safety precaution — otherwise, the glass might get too hot and crack. Using the freezing method below, It also makes it easier to remove that last lump of wax (which can also be reused in your oil burner). 


Place the candle in the freezer and leave it for a while, but preferably a whole day or two. As wax cools, it hardens and shrinks. This helps to separate the wax from the glass, and it may come out in one piece. Failing that, the harder consistency allows us to easily crack the wax in the next step.


Apply pressure to the edge of the wax with a blunt knife. You’re not trying to cut into the wax, but rather cause it to come out or break into smaller pieces. Remove the wax by gently tapping them out onto some tissue, This block of wax can then be used as a melt in your oil burner.  


If you still have some remaining residue, we like to remove any remnants to avoid these going down the drain. Baby oil or vegetable oil on a piece of tissue paper helps dissolve the remaining wax. Give the glass a thorough wipe. Note: don’t use any water by itself; it will just spread any remaining wax without really removing it since wax and water are not great mixers.


Now that you've gotten the vast majority of the wax out, clean the glass in the sink. We recommend scrubbing twice with soapy water and once with clean water before drying to ensure all remaining residue is emulsified.  That's it!! Now repurpose away.... over to you...

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