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Our Suppliers care too.

We hope to add to this page as our business grows.  There are so many businesses' doing great things, and every single one makes a difference.   When selecting a supplier, we try to ensure they share our values, and we connect.  

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Regans Ridge - Consolidated v3.png

Regans Ridge Olives 

Australian Premium organic olives from nature to you

Regans Ridge Olives are a family operated grove of 23,000 olive trees planted on well drained, gently undulating terrain in ideal Mediterranean conditions in Western Australia.

Their grove thrives on entirely organic management practices, and they focus on maintaining the unique flavour profiles of the fruit in both table olives and extra virgin olive oils.


They are also not far away from us.

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Deluxe Shea Butter

Respecting Tradition & Empowering Communities

Our friends at Deluxe Shea Butter endorse Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable practices while providing employment and opportunity to local individuals and their communities. Their commitment to supporting women and empowering local communities is amazing.  


Their Cocoa and Shea butter is certified organic and fair trade for its premium quality and grade, they arecertified Organic by Ecocert for EU Organic under the European Regulation, USDA Organic under the National Organic Program and certified Fair Trade by Ecocert under the Fair for Life Program.

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Pack Queen 

 Leader in Packaging 

Pack Queen manufacture kraft boxes right here in Australia, support Australian jobs and the planet with their one tree alliance. 

For Pack Queen sustainability is at the core of their business model, and whilst they work hard at making a significant impact recycling all their waste and off cuts during the manufacturing process, it’s great they also have another way to give back and help the environment.

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